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Notes from Dearborn Academy 

mtringali ::: News & Events

Dearborn Academy is pleased to have Harvey Leonard, Chief Meteorologist of WCVB-TV Channel 5,  host our 12th Annual Luncheon being held on Thursday, November 10th.

Leonard forecasts for NewsCenter 5’s early evening and late newscasts, as well as the station’s website,

Widely regarded as...
mari ::: Arts

Even though arts eDUcation can be rare in SPECIAL EDUCATION programs, we make time for the arts at DEarbOrn because we know it works. Dearborn elementary/middLe students have regular opportunities to paint, draw, study photography and digital media, and make ceramics like this hand built vessel.

From Arts Education...

mtringali ::: In the Community

Dearborn Academy offers space to a local neighbor, Mike Huben, for his daylily projects. A small scale breeder, Mike has built a medium size assortment (400) for garden pleasure and hybridizing.

Mike Huben spends enough time working with flowers and thinking about flowers and savoring their blooms from February to November that one might think his small plot of earth would win some kind of...

mtringali ::: In the Community

Paul REvere's Ride is one of the events depicted in the Arlington Bus Mural.

Dearborn Academy students designed and painted Arlington’s first public mural under the direction of artist Tova Speter and with the help of the community. The mural was awarded the...

mtringali ::: Program News

Every year Dearborn Academy High School hosts a Chess Tournament. This year's pool of players, organized by Learning Center Teacher Jon McCohan, competed against each other over a six week span. Games were tense but good spirited. As the field shrank down to quarter finalists: Phillip Keast, Micah Fournier, Mike Caruso and Chris Sopka students players advanced by winning two...