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Notes from Dearborn Academy

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Harvey Leonard with Dearborn Students

Written by Lynne Jacoby

On Thursday, November 10th over 100 people gathered at Dearborn Academy for the 12th Annual Luncheon in support of the school and its students. Hosted by Harvey Leonard, Chief Meteorologist of WCVB-TV Channel-5, the event raised over $30,000 for improving technology resources and provided a...

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Every year Dearborn Academy High School hosts a Chess Tournament. This year's pool of players, organized by Learning Center Teacher Jon McCohan, competed against each other over a six week span. Games were tense but good spirited. As the field shrank down to quarter finalists: Phillip Keast, Micah Fournier, Mike Caruso and Chris Sopka students players advanced by winning two...

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Metal reindeer created by students at Dearborn Academy.

On Friday, December 17, Dearborn Academy held its annual shop sale.  Items made by students in wood, ceramics, metal and art are sold to the general public to help raise funds in support of the arts and shop programs at Dearborn Academy.  This year the sale attracted over 100 patrons and raised over $400.00 for...