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Notes from Dearborn Academy 

mtringali ::: Emotional Health

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Written by Howard Rossman, Ph.D., Director, Dearborn Academy

Looking in from the outside, Jerry West has had a storybook life. One of the elite guards of the NBA, and member of the Basketball Hall of Fame Jerry West led the Los Angeles Lakers to world...

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Harvey Leonard with Dearborn Students

Written by Lynne Jacoby

On Thursday, November 10th over 100 people gathered at Dearborn Academy for the 12th Annual Luncheon in support of the school and its students. Hosted by Harvey Leonard, Chief Meteorologist of WCVB-TV Channel-5, the event raised over $30,000 for improving technology resources and provided a...

hrossman ::: Education, Special Needs

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By Howard Rossman, Ph.D., Director, Dearborn Academy

The article*, in the Boston Globe reflects the intense pressure cities and towns are under to provide quality...

mari ::: Emotional Health

Most kids suffer from separation anxiety at some point. photo by: WISAM

BY HOWARD ROSSMAN, Ph.D., Director, Dearborn Academy

In a recent Huffington Post ...

mtringali ::: Featured, News & Events

Dearborn Academy will be holding it's 12th Annual Luncheon on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at Dearborn Academy.

Harvey Leonard Chief Meteorologist of WCVB-TV Channel 5 will be our host for the day. Parent and student speakers will share stories of their personal journeys and successes while at Dearborn Academy...